Secret Secluded Beaches – Relax on your own private deserted white sand beach!

Our philosophy is simple - To take you to amazing places that others don't, so you can experience an island the way it's supposed to be, without all the tourist trappings.  

As Pattaya has grown as a tourist destination it has become increasingly difficult to find deserted white sandy beaches. When visiting various amazing destinations we can’t always guarantee you that you will be the only ones there, however what we do guarantee is that we will always take you to the best spots, whilst always avoiding the crowds.

If a deserted beach is a top priority for you during your charter we at Pattaya Yacht Charters with our extensive experience and expertise can still find you a deserted white sand beach as requested! If you’re looking for a lost in paradise experience you can always ask the captain to leave you for a while to enjoy the privacy and tranquility of your own private beach!