Pattaya Snorkeling – Snorkeling in paradise!

A magical Pattaya Under Water World waits to greet all snorkelers. Vibrant coral reefs, tropical fishes and exceptional visibility in the crystal clear water make for a snorkelers paradise. Coral Reefs are among the most diverse environments in the world with multi-coloured tropical reef fish darting among the coral heads, feeding on plants and algae.

Some of the most beautiful locations to do some snorkelling would be:

Koh Khram

Koh Man Wichai
Koh Rin
Koh Phai

Snorkelling is a simple and pleasurable activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. No special skills are required, and no exertion is required to stay afloat. Face down in the water and steadily breathing through a snorkel, your body is naturally buoyant.

Snorkelling sets are available on every vessel in our entire fleet. As ever with Pattaya Yacht Charters all of our equipment is of the highest calibre and is in excellent condition. Therefore there is no need to bring your own snorkel and masks as you will be very happy with what we offer. Even non-swimmers can safely snorkel using a life jacket after a quick explanation and safety briefing from one of our expert captains.