Koh Rin Island – Spectacular beach and snorkelling paradise.

Koh Rin Island is well known for its white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. There is only one beach on the Island and it is simply spectacular. The beach is approximately 800 meters in length. The beach is slightly rocky at southern end however the rest of the beach consists of perfect white powdery sand.

The width of the beach obviously depends on the tide however at any given time the beach is simply spectacular. High tide is the best time for swimming here and there is no better way to cool down than a  swim or a snorkel. The beaches’ significant drop off means at high tide you are waist deep in water after only a few steps. At low tide the white sandy beach dramatically increases in size as the water recedes. During low tide you can literally see the tropical fish swimming as you sit on the beach enjoying a cold drink.  It is simply a spectacular sight however swimming directly from the beach at low tide is slightly difficult as the water recedes to the sharp coral.

To The North and South of the island there our two mini islands appropriately named North Rock and South Rock. Surrounding these rocks are exquisite coral reefs where you can see a wide variety of marine life such as barracudas, trevally, jacks, harlequin sweetlips, snappers, squirrel fish and lion fish. Snorkelling here is recommended for good swimmers only as the currents are often quite strong. For less able swimmers the coral reef in the sheltered bay of Koh Rin itself will be a better option.