Koh Chang

Koh Chang translates to English as Elephant Island. Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island. Surrounding Koh Chang there are many other smaller islands that make up the Koh Chang Archipelago. The Koh Chang archipelago is so incredibly beautiful that the entire area has been declared a Thailand National Marine Park.

The Islands circumference of white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, inland waterfalls and tropical jungle and the fact that the Island is relatively quiet and undeveloped probably makes Koh Chang Thailand’s most beautiful Island.

Within the 650 square kilometer Marine Park there are in fact 52 islands of which most are deserted. Koh Chang is however not deserted and has about 5,000 permanent residents. As a tourist destination Koh Chang is growing in popularity amongst those who are looking for a perfect ‘beach holiday.’ The Islands best beaches are located on its western side and this is where the hotels are mostly situated.

The abundance of coral reefs and the clear waters not surprisingly makes Koh Chang National Marine Park a world class Scuba Diving destination.

Koh Chang is only 260 km south of Pattaya City and traveling there via sea from Pattaya can easily be achieved with a quality boat. There is no better way to explore this fascinating marine park than on a multiple day boat charter. Here at Pattaya Yacht Charters we have the perfect vessel for exploring the Koh Chang National Marine Park and that is with the Mabilia Motor Yacht.