Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang is an 8 square km inhabited Island located 12 km from its nearest shore on the mainland town of Sri Racha. Sri Racha is located 30 km North of Pattaya. Koh Si Chang is a quiet island has around 5,000 permanent residents. Koh Si Chang is a fascinating Island that is exceedingly rich in history.  There are fascinating temples to explore and the remains of a Royal Palace which was abandoned in 1893 after the French occupied the island during a conflict with Thailand over control of neighboring Laos.

Koh Si Chang is not blessed with as spectacular beaches as you might find at Koh Samet or Koh Chang but the tropical Island is fascinating in its own right. Fabulous hillside coastal walks can be enjoyed along with sea kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and fishing.

The seafood restaurants serve fresh seafood at very reasonable local prices. The Island is fairly popular with Thai tourists and there are not so many westerners who visit. Therefore it is a great opportunity for western guests to experience real local Thai culture.