Koh Samae San

Koh Samae San is located approximately 40 km South from Pattaya. There are several beaches that are  hidden amid the steep mountains. Among the 5 beaches on the island, Hat Luk Lom is the most beautiful beach because of its amazing white soft powdery sand which is reminiscent to the splendid beaches found at Koh Phi Phi in the Andaman Sea. The soft sand and crystal clear blue sea make it hard to believe that this island is just a mere 40 km away from Pattaya.

Around Koh Samae San there are a collection of islands whose waters are perfect for Scuba Diving. Both soft and hard corals can be found in abundance along with a plentitude of marine life. Koh Samae San is a turtle conservation area and it is not uncommon to see turtles whilst Scuba Diving. Interesting fish that frequent the area include yellowtail fusiliers, barracudas, blue spotted stingrays, moray eels, angel and butterfly fish. The Koh Samae San archipelago is also home to the Harddeep shipwreck which lies on its starboard side at a depth of around 25 meters, making for a fascinating dive for advanced qualified divers.

Not many facilities are available on the island itself. There are only a shelter, deck chairs and the breathtaking beach. However, these will certainly be adequate to enjoy your brief stay on this beautiful Island.