Koh Man Wichai – A Secluded haven and spectacular dive site.

Koh Man Wichai is a small island with 3 picturesque coves. It is located slightly south of Koh Phai Island.  There are two small secluded beaches on the east side of the island and a slightly larger beach on the West side of the island. All three beaches have soft white powdery sand and each beach is nestled into its own private cove. The secluded coves make Koh Man Wichai one of our favourite beach BBQ locations.

The crystal clear waters that surround the island along with its vibrant coral reefs make Koh Man Wichai an excellent snorkelling location. Koh Man Wichai has two interesting dive sites known as ‘the wall’ and ‘the fingers.’ The Wall sits at Koh Man Wichai’s most southern point. It is a 7 meter coral wall sitting in depths of between 9 and 25 meters depending upon the tide. The Fingers are named because these coral heads resemble the five fingers of a human hand.  All of the fingers are pointing outwards towards the ocean. Hard coral and plentiful marine life makes for a very pleasurable dive. The Fingers are situated in fairly shallow water where the abundant marine life can be enjoyed simply by snorkelling on the surface.