Koh Phai / Bamboo Island – Paradise beaches and snorkelling haven.

Koh Phai Island also known as Bamboo Island is located West of Koh Larn Island approximately 20 km West of Pattaya City. It is the largest of the Far islands and is around 4 km in length and 1.4 km wide. Like the rest of the Far Islands Koh Phai is deserted and the only permanent structure that resides there is a small lighthouse located at the summit of its tropical forest hills.

Koh Phai is a Navy owned and protected island of which several Navy personnel take care of its fabulous white sand beaches. Koh Phai is open to the public however there is a small fee per person who wishes to spend an afternoon relaxing at one of its immaculate beaches.

The snorkelling here is heavenly. The crystal clear waters on the Eastern side of the Island are fairly shallow and you will find vibrant coral reefs at only 4-8 meters depth. All sorts of small tropical fish can be seen here including the occasional sight of a seahorse.

Koh Phai is still a very quiet Island due to its distance from the mainland however it is increasingly growing in popularity and at certain beaches mid-morning and early afternoon it can be fairly busy. There are however several hidden coves and as ever you can trust Pattaya Boat Charters to take you to the best spots whilst keeping you away from the crowds.